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Care Clean - 5 Litres Bathroom Cleaner

Removes the toughest soap scum, dirt and even hard water deposits with lightscrubbing. Use on non-porous surfaces such as bathroom chrome, fixtures, tile, sinks, shower doors and tubs, including porcelain and fiberglass. It's non-abrasive, won't scratch and leaves surfaces shiny and clean.

  • For regular cleaning dilute 20 ml per litre of water and use for general disinfection and cleaning on floors
  • For heavy oil or soap deposits spray directly on to the dirty surface allow to stand on the surface; scrub and wipe clean
  • Rinsing is necessary after removing dirt deposits

General Information
Brand: Care Clean
Dilution Ratio: 20ml in 1 litre of water
Product: Bathroom Cleaner
Quantity: 5 Ltr.