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Care Clean - 5 Litres Air Freshner

Room Fresheners

Our range of water based air fresheners are 100% eco friendly and have no harmful & inflammable gases. They are specially formulated to give long lasting fragrance and can be used on fabrics like curtains, headboards, bed linen, etc. These air fresheners can also be used for moping if additional fragrance is required.

Citric Lemon

A very refreshing and smooth fragrance of lemon gives the area a very clean & energetic feel.

Lemon Grass

The most relaxing and stress relieving fragrance that leaves your mind & body feeling at peace. As an additional advantage it has also been known to repel mosquitos.

Misty Fresh

Our most unique fragrance that gives a feeling of being in a lush meadows high up in the mountains. The blended formula has a high note of aqua & a lower note of floral tones.

Floral Rose

A true favorite among restaurants to give a very welcoming tone to their premises. The fragrance is a blend of 6 different tones of roses and is truly magical.

General Information
Brand: Care Clean
Product: Air Freshner
Quantity: 5 Ltr.